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Getting Started in Bouldering

  • Bouldering Gear – what do you REALLY need to get going?

Bouldering is easy for novices to get started in without a financial investment in gear.  Sturdy closed toed, rubber soled shoes and comfortable clothing are the basics!  Chalk is used to help secure grips on holds.  Shoe and chalk rentals are available at recROC to help you figure out what you need to keep going or move up in bouldering intensity.

  • Safety on the Boulder – top priority!

Safety is paramount to indoor climbing.  Being aware of your abilities, those around you, and potential safety hazards will make you a safer climber.  Watch our Safety Video, then sign a Safety Waiver – these are required for ALL recROC visitors and Members.

  • Learning to Boulder – programs, classes, clinics at recROC

Enhance your bouldering experience with an introductory class, private training, or a group learning/mentoring opportunity at recROC!  Seasonal programs and classes are offered – some one-day, some recurring.  For kids, recROC offers Scramblers and Summer Camps, plus a Youth Tribe to keep kids active and engaged in bouldering year-round.


Route Notes & Re-Sets at recROC

On average, two sections of our 2,000sq/ft bouldering wall are re-set monthly.  Larger re-sets happen before Boulder Bash or other special climbing events, clinics, or challenges which typically involve wall closure to move volumes, make any necessary wall repairs, and give all competitors an equal start to a comp with never-before climbed problems.

Why is the Boulder so colorful?

The colored foot and hand holds on the Boulder correspond to a variety of “routes” which take climbers across, up, and over to “top-out” on the Boulder.   Colors indicate where the route travels and the difficulty level of the route. The angles of the Boulder face add to levels of challenge also.


Unique & Elite Climbing Elements

It’s not just the Boulder at recROC!  In addition to dozens of routes (constantly changing!) traversing the Boulder, recROC features:

Bouldering expertise comes not just from climbing – unique work-out elements build stronger boulder bodies and minds.

  • recROC features traditional and state-of-the-art fitness equipment, weights, and other fitness elements in a variety of work-out zones
  • recROC features a complete obstacle course rig for a custom fitness challenge or to add excitement to any fitness routine
  • For bouldering “techies” – we have technical challenge stations set up just for you!