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About our Boulder

Getting Started in Bouldering


  • Bouldering Gear – what do you REALLY need to get going?
  • Safety on the Boulder – top priority.
  • Learning to Boulder – programs, classes, clinics at recROC


Route Notes & Re-Sets at recROC

On average, 50% of routes are re-set monthly.  Larger re-sets happen before Boulder Bash or other special climbing events, clinics, or challenges.

Why is the Boulder so colorful?

The colored foot and hand holds on the Boulder correspond to a variety of “routes” which take climbers across, up, and over to “top-out” on the Boulder.   Colors indicate where the route travels and the difficulty level of the route. The angles of the Boulder face add to levels of challenge also.


Meet the Boulder

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Unique & Elite Climbing Elements

It’s not just the Boulder at recROC!  In addition to more than ….  routes (constantly changing!) traversing the Boulder, recROC features a:

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