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Meet Our Trainers


What makes training at recROC unique?


  • Experienced, results-oriented, goal-focused trainers and coaches.
  • Vibrant, challenging, and adaptive environment.
  • Programs with a “winning” formula for success.
  • Motivated and inspiring Members.


Rock Lititz is a dynamic culture, and recROC fits right in.  Nothing average about a day on campus!

As unique as recROC is, traditional elements and approaches to fitness and training are still at the heart of what we do.  We capitalize on our unique environment to create a deeper training experience – OR, stick to what you know and love!  Traditional fitness is here, too.



Corey Pickel  | Personal Trainer, recROC Director

Credentials: NASM CPT, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM P&BB Coach

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills International Advanced Level 2 Instructor






Corey calls recROC home-base as the Director for facilities and programs.  Corey comes from a diverse background of training and fitness, and developed his own training program.  He is highly client focused, motivated, and personable.  Corey blends the right amount of coaching, discipline, and challenge to customize a training or fitness routine for adults and youth who are new to fitness, or seasoned and looking to move onward and upward.

Contact Corey:, 717.626-5096, ext 801



Matt Orta Personal Trainer/recROC Coordinator

Credenials: BS Exercise Science Liberty University, NASM CPT, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist







Matt, a Lititz native, is a warrior at heart – he has competed in Spartan events and trains with his next goal in mind!  Matt specializes in strength and conditioning training for athletes and HIIT circuit training.  He strives to help his clients get beyond barriers with dedication and hard work to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Contact Matt:, 717.626-5096, ext 801



Doc Beverly |  Personal Trainer, Bouldering Instructor, Head Setter

Credentials: NASM CPT, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach







Doc has a powerful passion for the boulder climbing sport that almost rivals his passion for our community. He devotes his training plans to explosive calisthenic strength, HIIT work, and functional fitness and flexibility. His drive is to help his clients break plateaus so he can celebrate with them and help them achieve their life goals.

Contact Doc:, 717.626.5096, ext 801


Ethan Fox Personal Trainer

Credentials: NASM CPT

Ethan has a strong passion for strength training and for the nuances of lifting. He is excited to assist clients in chasing down personal goals. Whether it is just getting started or looking to switch it up; Ethan is ready to assist. An area that Ethan specializes in is resistance training for strength and hypertrophy. If putting on size and getting stronger are two of your primary goals; set up a time to speak with Ethan today!

Contact Ethan:, 717.626.5096, ext 801

Seeking Personal Training?  Contact for details.

Looking for Fitness Classes?  recROC has classes that run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!