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*Some videos were created for promotional purposes. Please check with staff for up-to-date pricing and current promotions*

Facility Hours

Monday – Friday  5 am – 8 pm

Sat/Sun  8 am – 6 pm

*Hours may vary on holidays.*



recROC Membership

Membership means full access to recROC training and fitness facilities, year-round! A variety of Membership plans makes joining recROC convenient and flexible.

recROC Visitors

Guests are welcome as individuals or groups at recROC. Day Passes allow guests full access to the facility. NonMembers may also register for programs and special events at NonMember rates.

Day Pass Rate: Adult/Youth  $23              Lititz recCenter Member: Adult/Youth  $12

Equipment Rentals

Bouldering Shoe Rental: $7           Chalk & Bag Rental: $3

Shoe and chalk rentals are optional.  Please note that proper footwear is required while using the obstacle course and boulder – no bare feet!

recROC Programs, Camps, and Clinics

A variety of seasonal programs are available to Members and nonMembers. In some cases, a per-person fee will apply, but typically Members will benefit from discounted fees to participate in classes and programs.



Complete recROC Safety Waivers