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Join recROC: When one visit just isn’t enough.

Make recROC your weekend hang-out, your home (but #notyouraverage) gym, or your mission.  When a one-day visit isn’t enough, recROC Membership is your answer.

recROC Membership Perks

  • Year-round access to the ROC!  No such thing as “not good climbing weather”.
  • Hang out with cool people who can do really cool things.  Motivation?  Entertainment?
  • Find competitors – adventure-lovers just like you!
  • Member discounts on classes, clinics, camps and special events.
  • Early registration for popular seasonal programs.
  • Family Membership options – climbing and workout buddies!
  • FREE access to state-of-the-art recROC fitness equipment without the crowds
  • Your neighborhood gym – only better!
  • Fully customized personal and performance training options.
  • Strength, cardio, and cross-training equipment, stations, and platforms.
  • THE RIG. Brand new GetRx’d rig!
  • Member discounts on personal training.
  • Convenient monthly membership options and auto-draft.
  • and…if you need more, there’s more!


Membership Rates

recROC has an affordable monthly fee plan* for individuals, families, and youth – making year-round activity possible for not only boulder enthusiasts, but anyone seeking a fitness and cross-training gym with a unique vibe!

Monthly Family:  $81

Monthly Individual: $49 (Ages 19+)

Monthly Youth: $32 (Ages 14+)

A $80 Joiner Fee applies to all new memberships, not reflected in rates above.

Lititz recCenter Members save 50% on recROC monthly fees! Join at half-price.


Guest Daily Fees:  $23  Individual or Youth

Lititz recCenter Members – save 50% on daily guest passes at recROC