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Scouts at recROC

BSA Personal Fitness Merit Badge 

recROC Merit Badge counselors will guide Boy Scouts with blue cards through the Personal Fitness Merit Badge requirements using the unique performance fitness opportunities at recROC.  A minimum of 12 weeks is required to complete the badge program, with an initial, final and several scheduled check-in points at recROC with program instructors/trainers/or counselor.  Explore our Badge Programs, or register, 717.874.3281.


Scout Scramble!  

2 hr adventure for scouts (boy or girl!) ages 6+.  Schedule a group of 8 or more scouts to learn bouldering basics and explore climbing and obstacles.  A fun challenge and outing!  Schedule with* Note – no badge is earned, however activity components of a Scout Scramble might meet specific requirements under a scouting badge program.*

Rentals at recROC

Book a party or outing at recROC for your Boy or Girl Scout Troop!  Bring chaperones and set scouts free to explore our Boulder and Obstacle course.  Contact recROC for details, or complete a RESERVATION REQUEST online!