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For kids ages 8 and up, recROC is a unique space to explore and be active with family and friends.  Classes, clinics, camps, and … party, anyone?

Youth Programs at recROC – Scheduled monthly or by session

  • Ninja Kids  (Monday/Thursday/Saturday)
  • Scramblers  (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
  • Camps  (Summer & Winter Break)

Register now for these classes and clinics online!

Book a Party at recROC!

recROC has the complete recipe for party fun for lots of ages!  Older kids, teens, adults…anyone with a desire for a celebration full of adventure.

For safety, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and fully supervised by an adult at all times.  Children under the age of 8 may not use the obstacle course.

Youth must have a parent-signed safety waiver on file at recROC in order to visit the facility or participate in recROC programs.